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Global Finance and Compliance Hub (GFCHub) is a Canadian based financial services regulatory compliance solutions provider. We currently serve Canada and Eastern Africa’s markets.

GFCHub monitors financial services regulatory compliance changes in jurisdictions that we operate. This is with the sole aim of helping our clients build a comprehensive enterprise wide compliance programs.

The global financial crisis lead to the enactment of Dodd Frank legislation. The collapse of Arthur Andersen and Enron gave way to Sarbanes Oxley. Instability of financial system posed by money laundering has resulted to anti money laundering related laws and regulations.

To curb tax avoidance and aggressive tax evasion, strict tax regulations like FATCA and Common Reporting Standards have been enacted.

As financial services embrace new digital channels of delivering their products, cyber attach has become key risk.

This has resulted to dramatic increase in new legislation from the regulators. Global regulations are shaping local regulatory environment. Legislations being passed in the US are impacting both large and small organizations. These laws are constantly changing while enforcement actions and fines are also increasing. Reputation risk is also at stake.

GFCHub is there to help. We are both locally and globally focused


Committed To Your Risk and Compliance Needs

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Committed To Your Risk and Compliance Needs

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